Welcome to the blog

Here’s what type of recipes are going to be here:

1. The recipes here are going to be using ingredients available in Israel, because that’s where I live. Also they will all be kosher.

2. The recipes will reflect more of an American than a truly Israeli aesthetic, though. For example, supper is currently still the big meal in my family and lunch a minor one. (This may transition over time, as I learn to use local ingredients the way the locals do and/or have kids who expect Israeli proper lunches.)

3. I like exploring recipes from other countries though so that might happen also. My dream is to eventually make every possible-to-make-kosher food from the list of the 100 most delicious foods around the world.

4. The criteria for a recipe showing up on this blog is:

A.  I made it, or my husband made it and I ate it.
B.  It was tasty and I’d make it again
C.  It was either easy to make, or so out of this world fantastic that it was worth the effort
D. Or if it belonged to a challenge I gave myself, like the 100 world recipes or Best Cookies Ever or something, in which case I will indicate that and give it a rating.

What the recipes will be like:

I’m an inexact cook. I don’t measure stuff (unless it’s baking), I guesstimate. I may look a recipe up online then add stuff because I feel like it. So a recipe here will be much less likely to contain useful instructions like “add three leveled off teaspoons of curry powder” and more likely to contain “add a lot of curry powder until it looks right”.

Also, I really like the experience of food so I’m likely to ramble about my memories of a food, my feelings about it, and the general reasons why you should be eating it.


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