Fruit crumble

I started this post months ago (maybe a week or two after I started this blog)

It’s shmittah right now..

There’s an organization called שנת ה7 that distributes shmittah produce. You pay a small lump sum and walk out with a bag of stuff- you don’t get to choose what’s in the bag, though, it’s whatever was in stock that week.

So we get a lot of potatoes but now that it’s the later half of shmittah we’re also getting fruit.

And the thing is, they give quantities of the stuff, like a box of each fruit. And we’re only two people. Some sometimes we don’t get around to eating all the fruit.

But it’s shmittah fruit, so we don’t want to throw it out if we can avoid it.

When fruit is just beginning to pass it’s peak, it’s a perfect candidate to be cooked (it can be better than perfectly or under-ripe fruit, in fact)

Now if you want to invest time and effort and fanciness you can make a pie (recipe forthcoming)

But if you want something simple, arguably the simplest thing you can make is crumble.

The following crumble recipe (which is not mine, but my great-aunt-inlaw’s) is so difficult to mess up you can (indeed she does) cook it in the microwave and it will still come out addictively edible.

However, if you leave it out for a week it will grow soggy and unappealing. So consider yourself warned.

5-6 apples, peeled (pear/plum/peach can be substituted)
1 cup oats
1/2 cup brown sugar
1/2 cup flour
3/8 cup oil
About 3 tbsp lemon juice

(precise quantities given because my husband is the one who’s made this, thus far)

Cut up fruit into chunks- for apples, approx an inch long and a quarter inch thick.
Splash lemon juice over fruit.
Combine remaining ingredients together. Sprinkle over apples.
Cook for 50-60 minutes in oven.


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