Broccoli kugel

I love broccoli kugel.

We’re having guests over this week, for the first time real proper guests, (a young couple). Actually, we’re switching off – going to them Friday night, having them over Shabbos lunch.

Our Shabbos menu is pretty thoroughly worked out, and it works, for the two of us. Shabbos might we have chicken soup, chicken, and a vegetable side that is usually green beans. Shabbos day we have a beef stew that isn’t quite cholent (no beans, no potatoes, no barley – yes sweet potatoes, yes carrots, and wheat, and spices). Seudah shlishit is rolls, roasted garlic, a pepper salad or a sweet potato salad for spreading on the rolls, leftover from the other meals.

It works just fine for two people in a small Crockpot and a small magic stove, and it worked fine for us in the tiny apartment that had no room for anything beyond a small Crockpot and a small magic stove.

It even provided enough leftovers for a Sunday night dinner.

But it isn’t really enough for four people, especially when two of those people are guests.

So this Shabbos is the first Shabbos we are going to be using the blech that we bought when we moved out of the tiny apartment.

And we’re making broccoli kugel.

I liked through my recipe books, first, but there wasn’t a recipe for broccoli kugel. So then I looked online, and discovered that most recipes called for mayo.

I have never purchased a jar of mayonnaise in my life. I’m pretty sure my husband hasn’t either.

I did finally find a recipe that didn’t call for mayo. It was, however, a pesach recipe, and using it involved some revisions.

6cups broccoli, cut into pieces
1large onion, finely chopped
3large garlic cloves, finely chopped
12cup bread crumbs
3whole eggs, beaten
2teaspoons ground parsley
salt and pepper

I didn’t measure the broccoli, I just used an entire bag, and it was obvious there wasn’t enough egg, so I added two more. We actually had parsley, since we stocked up on spices for hosting the purim seudah (yes, expect more recipes =))


The resulting mixture filled an entire aluminum foil pan.



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