Shabbos day stew

Well, I’m on a roll here (and procrastinating cleaning up the table) so I guess I’ll just quickly drop the recipe for the Shabbos day stew we make.

I don’t like cholent and when I’m 50% of the people eating my preference gets to actually be taken into account. So out first Shabbos that we made lunch (after several where that was the meal we went out), we made mushroom barley meat stew as I’d had at my cousins’.

But I don’t like barley and my husband doesn’t like mushrooms so that morphed into our current recipe, which is partly inspired by these instructions:

Preparing and Cooking a #8 Shank

From this excellent guide:

Meat Cuts by the Numbers


Usually #8 meat, cubed and pre-seared as per guide above.
Fried onions
Sweet potatoes (in pieces)
Carrots (in pieces)
Sliced garlic
Hot paprika
Soy sauce




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