Teas I like (that you should try)

For years, what I knew about my tea preferences was that I

1. Liked the celestial seasonings line of “zinger” teas. E.g lemon zinger, red zinger, wildberry zinger
2. Could not tolerate any teas with raspberry (read “could not tolerate” as “they made me nauseous, and even when sick with no other options I will not drink them”)

Eventually, number 1 was narrowed down to “I like the taste of hibiscus” (lemon flavors, fruits flavors that are not raspberry, rosehip, and rooibos all enjoyed but not as essential). This was useful because I could look at tea ingredients and guess whether it would be to my taste (and celestial seasonings is impossible to find in Israel)

And then, I discovered milky teas.

Specifically, my friend offered me a cinnamon tea. I wasn’t crazy about cinnamon tea. She told me she drank it with milk. I didn’t even know that was allowed.

It turns out an entire class of teas are just better with milk.

I still like fruity spicy teas (eg mandarin orange spice or Chai masala) milkless, but there are a lot of teas that were previously eh that are delicious with milk added, including non-fruity cinnamon teas (for example straight cinnamon tea).

The specific milky tea I’m recommending is Earl Grey.

I don’t know why Earl Grey is so comforting and pleasant. Why it feels like someone hugging you. But, it does. I usually drink decaf coffee in the morning, but if I need a hug I drink Earl Grey instead.

And then, the next stage of tea discovery.

It is not very surprising this happened at the house of a very British couple.

They had loose-leaf tea.

I can’t tell you what it was, it had blue flower petals, thats all I know.

But it was amazing. I clearly need to explore the world of loose leaf tea. In depth.


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