This week’s Shabbos chicken soup

There is no one chicken soup recipe. It feels sacrilegious to suggest there should be.

So this is not Chicken Soup. This is simply this week’s chicken soup.

One onion, in course chunks
Two carrots, in coarse chunks
Optional: some cloves of garlic
A sweet potatoes, in coarse chunks
Three stalks celery, chopped
Several strands/leaves of leek, cut into manageable size ribbons.
We would have also had leftover parsley and dill from purim if I hadn’t managed to lose it, but we don’t usually put that in.


Some wings


This week I didn’t put in very many, because we had a lot of stock. (thanks to purim)


Stock is the secret ingredient for a really, really flavorful chicken soup. You can achieve a weaker version of the same effect with a lot of chicken and cooking the soup for a very long time, and that’s how I used to do it, before my husband introduced me to the wonders for stock. But stock is way better, and also, less wasteful. (because putting in lots of chicken, to end up tasting like flavorless stewed chicken, absolutely counts as a waste)

To make stock, take leftover chicken skin/bones/whatever and boil it in water. Your goal is to form a sort of chicken concentrate. You then throw out the bones and skin etc, and freeze what’s left as stock, to be added to recipes that call for it.

Now add water, boil for a few hours, and enjoy.



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